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[modifier] Which is which

Write sentences with noun-object (then human) using "which/that" (who). Examples should be work related. Everything in singular.


  1. At work we have computers which need a software upgrade.
  2. We have a cafeteria that has new owners.
  3. We have office that are very large, considering the new governmental norms.


  1. Our organization has a staff who, for the most part, have a scientific background.

[modifier] Bread and beer

«Ils m'ont expliqué que les anciens Babyloniens ont inventé la bière afin d'utiliser du pain et des grains qui, sinon, auraient été perdus. C'était l'objectif initial de la bière», il y a plusieurs milliers d'années, raconte ce Britannique de 40 ans.

Aujourd'hui, «des quantités industrielles de pain sont jetées dans le monde et les associations d'aide alimentaire ne peuvent distribuer tout le pain qui leur est offert. En même temps, il y a cet engouement dans le monde pour les brasseries artisanales», constate M. Stuart.

« They explained me that ancient Babylonians had invented beer in order to use bread and grains which, otherwise, would have been lost. It was the initial goal of the beer », many thousand years ago, said this 40 years old Brit.

Today, « industrial quantities of bread are thrown away throughout the world and the food aid assocations cannot distribute all the bread that are given to them. At the same time, there is this craze throughout the world for craft breweries », note Mr. Stuart.

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