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Phrasal verbs[modifier]

Write a sentence for each one of these (mixed tenses):

  • Bring up
  • Call on
  • Call off
  • Catch up on
  • Catch up with
  • Come up
  • I learned (the hard way) that some topics must not be brought up at home, like homeopathy and astrology.
  • If there is a technical question during the meeting, I'll call on you to give an answer.
  • Being sick that day, the meeting was called off.
  • I will be on leave for two weeks at Christmas. Keep on with the project and on my return in January, I will catch up on it.
  • They had't seen each other for more than a decade, so Isabelle had a lot to catch up with Emily when they met.
  • At the last meeting, I came up with a very good idea.