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Use negative/positive past/present/future active/passive form


  • Negative/past: The policeman didn't tell me off, even if I deserved it.
  • Positive/present: I am satisfied with the performance of my hands free set.
  • Future/active: I will participate in the next soccer activity.
  • Past/passive: Even if the message was clear and two years in advance, there was opposition to move to another location.
  • Past/Positive: We decided against going to Laval, since we have to pay the metro when you come back, even if you have a monthly STM pass.
  • Future/negative: When an Habs player won't be playing well next season, they will first leave him out, then send him to play in Laval.
  • Present/Positive: I am excited about going to see the Rocket in Laval in November.
  • Conditional (future unreal): If I was responsible for the quality of the water, I would not know what to do to remove this bad taste it has.
  • Conditional (past unreal): If I had objected to go to this meeting, I would have stayed at home the whole weekend.


  • If I had been at work yesterday, I would have stood in for Alexandre at the weekly meeting.
  • If we run over time at a meeting, I ask if there is anything to be decided before we leave.
  • I was sick last year, so we had to put off the meeting.
  • I am not able to memorize more than two things (really), so I take down all the items on a list before going to the grocery.

Tell off (réprimander) Satisfied with Participate in Opposition to Decide against Leave out (to omit) Excited about Responsible for Object to

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