Determining the adversary's potential Courses of Action (COA).


Identify triggers related to key Adversary[modifier]

Decision Points[modifier]

Refine Adversary Timeline[modifier]

NAIs, Indicators & Warnings[modifier]

Refine AdversaryCOAs[modifier]

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Most Likely[modifier]

COA 1 – Southern Attack (ML[modifier]

  • Earliest launch: mobilize -30 days, trg - 7 days; re-posn – 5; total days=42 days
  • 5 days to Gull River
  • 3 days to capture vital ground incl block
  • Speed and concentration of force
  • Limited objectives
  • Exploits all Joint assets
  • Addresses all LOO

Concept: Seize oilfd as fast as possible. Preponderance of force from Southern app Amphibious / Airborne /Land atk oilfield 3 Div for seize, 1 x Div for local block, CAP Naval control of CASPER (First Fleet+) Naval/Air neutralize WEST SPOD/APOD Airforce and Navy Block in NORTH (1 Div, plus CAS) Reserve (1 Div in KIVU) Forces remain in ZU for internal security Reserve Forces only

  • Predictable
  • Permits Panterria to concentrate defence
  • Not all SPODs/APODs neutralized
  • Redeploy forces (Armour move North to South, 2nd Fleet assets to SOUTH)
  • Internal security gap based on Res F readiness

Most Dangerous[modifier]

Update HVTL[modifier]