Describing the battlespace's effects.


Terrain (Land/Sea/Air/Space)[modifier]

Stay big picture. Corps/Div level FLOWCARK only


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Air ops.PNG

Fact Deduction Conclusion
Paxonia Bay – narrow entrance Potential safe SPOE if entrance secured Secure entrance to Paxonia Bay early (DP)
Natural chokepoint (Kolban Straits) Could be exploited to control access to Kolban Sea Potential DP for embargo op. Requires International authorization if international strait.
ZU Ports: Botrange is primary import – export facility Disruption to shipping to/from Botrange may have significant effect on ZU economy. Potential DP for any embargo ops. Requires International
ritime choke points in approaches to PA waters Established sea control = access to JOA Early deployment of sea control assets vital to deterrence/deployment capability.



Fact Deduction Conclusion
Limited gas in Panterria will limit the number of air sorties must get another fuel source





Factors, deductions and conclusions[modifier]

Economics.PNG Economics1.PNG

Time, Space , Force[modifier]

Distance table[modifier]


Air capability[modifier]

Air cap.PNG

Maritime capability[modifier]

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Time vs Force[modifier]


Human Dimension/Demographics[modifier]


  • Sociological
  • Cultural
  • Demographics (leadership, populace,)
  • Effects on components operations
Fact Deduction Conclusion
Jardinian majority in Jardin Entremers Zultar will use that influence Targeting restrictions
cultural differences potential cultural barriers to afect communications cultural awareness training
Zamboni insurgency will they take avantage of the situation? must assess and plan for potential zamboni COAs during campaign, and must have a branch plan for this factor

EM Spectrum / Cyberspace[modifier]

  • Location of
    • servers
    • Data centers
    • Internet service providers
  • Frequency bands
  • Cyberwarfare



  • Political fears
  • Political intentions
  • Military restraints
  • Regional Relations and balances
  • Fractious and cooperative tendencies
  • Influence of demographic groups
  • Effects upon component operations

Fact Deduction Conclusion
Randover total political control Subordinates loyal to him, centralized decision making process, Randover needs to keep troops behind to control population Exploitation grassrouts democracy movement, target C2 system
Zamboni in Zultar Both countries affected, Zultar must leave troops behind to control them Must plan for this
Jardinian common political goals West seen as Bad Strategic IO campaign needed to prepare neighboring countries
Lack of UN success in recent missions and economic sanctions International pressure Alliance must win (since the rest failed). UN should be part of common C2 structure. Must liaise with UN in the conduct of ops.
Will of coalition force generators Population will be impatient. no tolerance for casualties Must win quickly, with a minimal of casualties. Force projection important. ROE. Force protection.

Factors Analysis (potential DPs, tasks, capabilities, risks)[modifier]