Defining the battlespace environment


Review situation[modifier]


  • wants oil fields
  • aims for regional power
  • Decrease West credibility to increase their own.
  • Aims to decrease Panterria's strength
  • Moves naval forces in vicinity of oil fields
  • recalled diplomatic personnel
  • overflights forbidden

Zamboni situation[modifier]

  • Active in Zultar
  • Quiet in Panterria


  • Panterria's minority in Zultar could ignite conflict

World's response[modifier]

  • UNSCR not effective
  • Observer mission under Chapter 6
    • leads to an approved chapter 7 mission
  • Zultar seen as agressor
  • Panterria expelled Zultar's diplomatats
  • Other Jardinian natio s

Joint Ops Area (JOA)[modifier]


Area of Interest (AOI)[modifier]

see map

Area Of Intel Responsibility (AOIR)[modifier]

see map