Cet article contient des informations pratique à propos de la langue anglaise.

Expanding a point[modifier]

One of several points[modifier]

  • Regarding
  • Concerning
  • As far as ... is concerned
  • Where ... is concerned
  • When it comes to

A single point[modifier]

  • In that respect
  • As far as that goes
  • In that instance
  • As far as that is concerned
  • Where that is concerned
  • On that point

After an explanation[modifier]

  • In a case like this
  • In this case
  • In a situation like this
  • In this instance
  • In this type of (a) situation
  • In such a situation

To emphasize a point in a discussion[modifier]

  • That's just the point
  • But the question is
  • But the real question is
  • This brings up the following
  • This raises a problem
  • Here's the whole problem
  • This raises a question
  • In (the) light of what you've just said
  • But the problem with that is

Adding something[modifier]

Add an important things[modifier]

  • Also
  • And another thing
  • In addition
  • What's more
  • In other respects

Add a less important things[modifier]

  • Just a small point
  • I might add
  • Perhaps I should mention
  • I almost forgot

Giving a reason[modifier]

To start off[modifier]

  • The reason (that)
  • The main reason for/that
  • Owing to
  • Due to
  • Because of
  • Since
  • In view of the fact that
  • Seeing as how

For further expansion[modifier]

  • For this reason
  • On account of this
  • Owing to this
  • Because of this
  • This is why
  • This is the reason for/that
  • That's why
  • That's the reason (for)

Adding a point[modifier]

  • And besides
  • Furthermore
  • Also
  • In addition
  • What's more
  • And another thing
  • Not to mention the fact that
  • Plus the fact that
  • Not only that, but

Explaining a Result[modifier]

Explaining Why[modifier]

  • Therefore
  • So
  • As a result
  • Consequently
  • Thus

Consequences of Present Circumstances and Reasons for Change[modifier]


  • Therefore
  • Consequently
  • So
  • As a result
  • Accordingly
  • Ergo
  • Thus


  • For this reason
  • In view of (the fact)
  • Seeing (as how)
  • Because of


  • In effect
  • This is a case of
  • This points to
  • This means
  • This indicates
  • This suggests
  • This can be interpreted to mean/indicate/suggest
  • This would mean/indicate/suggest
  • This might indicate
  • This could indicate


Hesitation Responders[modifier]

  • Well, uhm
  • Well, let's see
  • Well, let me think
  • Let's put it this way
  • I'll have to think about that

Restatement Links[modifier]

  • What you're saying is
  • What you're really saying is
  • In other words
  • You're simply saying
  • If I understand you correctly
  • If I read you right
  • You mean then
  • I know what you mean

Correcting Oneself[modifier]

  • What I mean is
  • What I meant is
  • Let me put it another way
  • What I'm saying is
  • What I'm trying to say is
  • Don't get me wrong
  • Don't misunderstand me (on this point)
  • Let me rephrase what I just said
  • If I said that I didn't mean to

Getting it Straight (Fighting Back)[modifier]

  • That's not what I said (at all)
  • What I really said is
  • You must have misunderstood me
  • Look, let's get this straight, I said...
  • What I've been telling you all along is

Appearance and Reality[modifier]

Appearance Links[modifier]

  • You may think
  • Many people think
  • Many people believe
  • It may seem
  • On the surface it appears as if
  • Some people say
  • Some people claim
  • It may seem like
  • At first glance it looks as if
  • Supposedly
  • Many people think
  • We take for granted that
  • I assume
  • It seems (as if)
  • It seems like

Reality Links[modifier]

  • But in fact
  • In reality (however)
  • (But) actually
  • (However) in truth
  • The truth of the matter is
  • The fact of the matter is
  • Actually
  • In point of fact
  • In actual fact

Questioning and Suggestions[modifier]

Criticizing Someone's Writing[modifier]

Questioning Links[modifier]

  • I wonder why
  • Do you really think/believe
  • Do you honestly think/believe
  • Are you serious when you say
  • Isn't it true that
  • Why do you
  • Do you mean to say

Suggestion Links[modifier]

  • Don't you think
  • Don't you say
  • Don't you agree
  • Wouldn't you think
  • Wouldn't you say
  • Wouldn't you agree
  • Wouldn't it be better
  • Wouldn't it be a good idea
  • Why don't you
  • I wonder if

Asking for an Explanation[modifier]

General Questioning Links[modifier]

  • Can you explain why
  • I wonder why
  • Do you mean to say
  • I don't understand why
  • I keep wondering why
  • Why is it that
  • Why do you
  • Why do you think
  • How come

Questioning Links for a Specific Point[modifier]

  • Does that mean
  • Do you mean by that
  • What do you mean by
*What do you have in mind (with)